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    Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) Explained

    Some companies refer to MRO as maintenance, repair, and operations. In either case, MRO represents 3 main types of physical goods that a company uses every day.

    What Does an Operations Manager Do? Skills, Responsibilities & More | UpKeep

    Operations managers are crucial to an organization's success. Learn about the role, including vital skills, responsibilities, and how the right tool can help.

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    What’s The Difference Between Sensors and Actuators?

    Whereas sensors monitor conditions of equipment, actuators drive events within equipment. They ensure systems are functioning effectively.

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    What's the association between IoT and predictive maintenance?

    Using interconnected technology allows us to network cameras and sensors easily with existing computer systems, creating automatic maintenance events.

    Preventative Maintenance
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    What's the easiest way to start a predictive maintenance program?

    Start with your most critical piece of equipment, track information related to failures, and set up alerts to generate work orders to prevent breakdowns.

    Preventative Maintenance, Maintenance, Asset Managment
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    What's the difference between a maintenance work request and a work order?

    When a work request is submitted, management determines whether to approve them. Some of the considerations that may come up when approving include:

    Facility Management, Maintenance
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    What's an MOC (management of change) and what do I use it for?

    Management of change (MOC) is a policy companies use to manage health, safety or risks when facilities, employees, or operations are changed.

    Facility Management
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    When do I need to hire a reliability engineer? How does reliability affect safety?

    If you want to take proactive steps towards maintenance and you have enough data to analyze, you can benefit from hiring a reliability engineer.

    Asset Managment, Reliability
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    What's the difference between downtime and breakdown time?

    Breakdown time is downtime that results from the equipment breaking down. Equipment downtime is any time a piece of equipment is offline.

    Asset Managment, Maintenance, Manufacturing & Plants
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    What mistakes do maintenance teams make when lubricating bearings?

    Overall, the main mistakes I’ve seen with lubricating bearings have to do with either too much lubrication or too little.

    Asset Managment, Manufacturing & Plants, Food & Beverage Manufacturing, Maintenance
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