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    What are the top 10 hotel chains in the United States that are innovating maintenance?

    Marriott International, Ritz-Carlton, and Hilton Hotels are the top three hotel chains in the United States innovating maintenance through technology,

    Hospitality, Maintenance, Operations
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    What Are the Most Technologically Advanced Hospitals and How Are They Taking On COVID-19?

    El Camino Hospital, Mayo Clinic, and Johns Hopkins Hospital are among the most technologically advanced hospitals in the world.

    Healthcare, Maintenance
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    How do you track asset depreciation?

    In order to track asset depreciation, you'll use its annual depreciation. The formula is (Initial Cost - Salvage Value) ÷ Useful Life = Annual Depreciation.

    Asset Managment, Reliability, Operations, Maintenance, Preventative Maintenance
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    What are unique ideas for maintaining your storefront and managing your staff this holiday season?

    Updating displays with concise messaging, as well as effective scheduling around peak hours are key to having a successful storefront during the holidays.

    Maintenance, Restaurants
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    What Is Straight Line Depreciation, and Why Does It Matter?

    Depreciation is an asset's decrease in value. In accounting, it refers to the allocation of the original price of a particular asset over many years.

    Asset Managment, Reliability, Operations, Maintenance
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    Where should you store equipment manuals and warranties?

    A CMMS is a great way to organize user manuals and warranties by asset. Upload them and they’re ready to view by anyone with access.

    Asset Managment, Maintenance, Operations, Reliability
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    What are 5 CMMS Features that Improve Government Maintenance?

    Five of the top CMMS features for government maintenance include: tracking costs, reducing downtime, budgeting, scheduling, and planning effectively.

    Government & Public Works, Maintenance
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    14 Tips for a Successful CMMS Implementation

    Here are some steps every organization can take prior to, during, and after their CMMS implementation to make sure their system is a success.

    Maintenance, Reliability, Asset Managment
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    What are five habits of great facility managers?

    The best facilities managers are proactive, seek automation, study data regularly, work efficiently with outside vendors, and prioritize their workloads.

    Facility Management
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    How to Transition from Paper Work Orders to a CMMS

    If your facility currently uses paper work orders, transitioning over to a CMMS can save time and money, while also helping you improve reliability.

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