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    Types of Failure Consequences in Maintenance

    Failure consequence refers to the impact of a certain failure mode, primarily used in evaluating assets when using reliability centered maintenance (RCM).

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    How to Benchmark Maintenance Performance

    Benchmarking is a process of evaluating a company’s performance by comparing metrics and processes with those of other companies.

    What Is Lockout Tagout? 7 Steps to Reach LOTO Safety

    Lockout/tagout also known as LOTO refers to safety practices and procedures that ensure dangerous machines are properly shut off.

    What's a function and what's functional failure?

    A function describes the intention of a piece of equipment, while functional failures detail conditions that would prevent equipment from peak operation.

    Asset Managment
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    Useful life of an Asset: Definition & Examples

    IRS Publication 946, Appendix B, lists useful life estimates by industry and application. These estimates can be used as a baseline.

    Asset Managment
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    What Is Scheduled Maintenance Critical Percent?

    Scheduled maintenance critical percent (SMCP) is an effective way to prioritize inspections, checks, repairs, and more.

    Maintenance, Reliability, Manufacturing & Plants, Asset Managment, Facility Management, Food & Beverage Manufacturing, Preventative Maintenance
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    What is Mean Time Between Failure MTBF? [Calculation & Examples]

    Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) is a metric that defines the average time that equipment is operating between breakdowns or stoppages.

    Healthcare, Inventory Management, Reliability, Maintenance
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    Risk-based maintenance addresses risk-sensitive systems and machinery. RBM determines the most economical way to distribute resources to repair a system.

    Preventative Maintenance, Maintenance
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    Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

    A programmable logic controller, PLC for short, is the brain of a modern-day facility that depends on various machines and equipment.

    Maintenance, Preventative Maintenance
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    What Is the Theory of Constraints?

    The theory of constraints looks at what's holding back an objective in manufacturing and supercharges a team to make necessary changes to revitalize progress.

    Manufacturing & Plants, Maintenance
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    Use this guide to help navigate asset operations management software selection to capitalize on digital-first efficiency gains where data and workflows are automated and connected.

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