Optimize Healthcare Operations and Facilities Management for Optimal Patient Outcomes

Leading healthcare operations and facilities teams use UpKeep to keep facilities and equipment operating reliably, avoid any downtime or failure, and maintain positive patient outcomes. Strategic Asset Operations with UpKeep are essential to identify the most effective preventative maintenance tasks to keep Healthcare systems operating optimally.

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UpKeep helps operations, facilities, and maintenance teams overcome unique healthcare challenges.

Be Prepared for Inspections and Compliance

Easily accessible maintenance documentation, preventive maintenance records, and audit logs for ongoing auditability and real-time reports. Hospitals need audit logs from when equipment received maintenance, but also specifics on tasks performed and planned maintenance activities.

Do More With Limited Resources and Distributed Teams

Cross-department collaboration and centralized information hub drastically increase response times and trust in critical systems.

Turn Insights Into Actions

Real-time holistic view of facilities, equipment, inventory, and activities for data-driven operations and planning.

Increase Reliability and Manage Downtime

Identify the most effective preventive maintenance tasks to keep facilities and equipment operating reliability and avoid any downtime or failure.

Make Maintenance Management Easy

A powerful mobile tool that anyone can pick up quickly.

Maintenance and operations teams that use a mobile CMMS experience up to a 652% return on investment through better communication and consistency.

  • UpKeep is 100% Cloud Based so you can access your information anywhere.
  • Available on Android and iOS keeping all of your members in the loop
  • Connect in real-time by using our state-of-the-art technology

CMMS, Maintenance Management, and Work Order Software

UpKeep is consistently rated the best inventory management software in value for money, ease-of-use, functionality, and customer support. There’s a reason UpKeep has more 5-star reviews than any other CMMS and Maintenance Software vendor.

  • Reduce your equipment and asset downtime
    by up to 26%
  • Extend your asset and equipment lifetime
     by up to 11%
  • Achieve up to 652% ROI
    by integrating UpKeep into your workflow
  • Improve overall facility condition
    with the integration of UpKeep

Manage assets from your mobile device

  • Enable technicians to easily carry preventive maintenance checklists and manuals associated with any asset in their pockets.
  • Ensure secure access to necessary asset information. Technicians can easily pull up a record of historic repairs to make the best decisions with performing maintenance.
  • Achieve the full useful life of your assets through mobile asset downtime tracking. Paired with UpKeep Analytics, access an automatic business intelligence dashboard and track all equipment downtime costs over time.

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Don't take our word for it.

UpKeep is consistently rated best-in-class for value for money, ease-of-use, functionality, and customer support. There’s a reason UpKeep has more 5-star reviews than any other CMMS and Maintenance Software vendor.

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“With nearly 340 different machines in our work environment, it’s an impossible task to manually assign and track PM’s. With UpKeep we can schedule regular maintenance without overlapping tasks with other critical jobs.

Paul D

Health and Safety Coordinator

Paul D
Industry Analyst
Rebecca B

4000+ Companies rely on asset operations management

Leading the Way to a Better Future for Maintenance and Reliability

Your asset and equipment data doesn't belong in a silo. UpKeep makes it simple to see where everything stands, all in one place. That means less guesswork and more time to focus on what matters.
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