Preventive Maintenance Software
Never lose sight of your critical asset needs ever again.

UpKeep’s intelligent and intuitive preventive maintenance tool helps today’s maintenance professionals prevent asset breakdowns before they happen. Achieve the full useful life of your equipment with UpKeep’s preventive maintenance software.  

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Preventive Maintenance Scheduling by UpKeep

The PM Scheduling feature helps maintenance managers create calendar-based and runtime-based preventive maintenance tasks.

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Say goodbye to unplanned downtime with asset management software

Simplify your maintenance, today.

Make any work order repeat based on days, weeks, or months passed. Reschedule based on the preventive maintenance completion date or a strict time interval.

Reduce maintenance costs and maximize uptime with runtime-based Preventive Maintenance

Use UpKeep’s Meters feature to create PMs based on machine cycles, vehicle mileage, or any other unit of measure — ensuring a flexible maintenance program that can be set by various triggers. According to the US Department of Energy, companies can save an average of 12 to 18 percent in costs by investing in preventive maintenance.

Avoid stockouts with clear notifications

Associate parts that belong to your assets. Set minimum quantity thresholds on parts. Create alerts when parts are low to help plan ahead and reduce any unnecessary downtime due to low spares. Order the right quantity of parts to avoid unnecessary spending.

Business intelligence to reduce asset downtime and costs

View a beautifully designed business intelligence dashboard and track all equipment downtime costs over time. Gain visibility into total costs as a percentage of Rav, downtime and cost trends, and total costs. Identify patterns with advanced analytics to identify the root cause of equipment failure.

UpKeep Experts Here To Help You

Incomparable Training, Implementation, and Support, to ensure your success

The Upkeep Customer Success Team works like an extension of your team, helping customers hit their maintenance goals by providing useful reliable customer support, help center, a personalized plan to help you grow with UpKeep.
Help Center
Schedule and respond to anything that needs repair or replacement, such as utilities, plumbing, door security, and more.
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Customer Support
Keeping everything up and running is an enormous task, save yourself time and money by automating the whole process.
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We Wrote the Book on Asset Operations!

UpKeep brought maintenance, reliability, and operations teams together in a new approach called Asset Operations Management. Now, we've written the book! We're thrilled to announce the publication of Asset Operations: The Future of Maintenance, Reliability, and Operations.

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Manage assets from your mobile device.

Centralize all of your work requests with a mobile facility maintenance solution.

  • Manage your preventive maintenance schedule from your office or on the go with UpKeep’s cloud-based computerized maintenance management system.
  • Enable technicians to easily carry checklists and manuals for preventive maintenance in their pockets.
  • Automate failed inspection checklists to trigger follow-up work orders.
  • Enable operators and technicians to easily log meter readings for runtime-based preventive maintenance tasks, or include any photos to checklists.
  • When preventive maintenance is complete, technicians can easily close them and log details on the spot.
  • Achieve the full useful life of your assets through implementing consistent preventive maintenance schedules and checklists from your checklist library. 

How Big of an Impact Can Your Team Make with UpKeep?

In this Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ report featuring UpKeep, a manufacturing company was able to achieve incredible results, including:

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Return on Investment


Reduction in technician time spent filing work orders and locating asset information


Savings from avoided production downtime

Mobile Features

Mobile Features for Preventive Maintenance Software

Increase your equipment uptime with mobile preventive maintenance.

  • From assignment to fulfillment, empower your technicians to own full accountability over the completion of routine preventive maintenance and checklists.
  • Technicians can easily view their daily prioritized preventive maintenance on their homescreen of the UpKeep app
  • Paired with UpKeep Analytics, admins can determine which assets are costing the most in unplanned downtime and create routine preventive maintenance to quickly prevent any future failures. 

CMMS, Maintenance Management, and Work Order Software

UpKeep is consistently rated the best inventory management software in value for money, ease-of-use, functionality, and customer support. There’s a reason UpKeep has more 5-star reviews than any other CMMS and Maintenance Software vendor.

  • Reduce your equipment and asset downtime
    by up to 26%
  • Extend your asset and equipment lifetime
     by up to 11%
  • Achieve up to 652% ROI
    by integrating UpKeep into your workflow
  • Improve overall facility condition
    with the integration of UpKeep

Don't take our word for it.

UpKeep is consistently rated best-in-class for value for money, ease-of-use, functionality, and customer support. There’s a reason UpKeep has more 5-star reviews than any other CMMS and Maintenance Software vendor.

“With nearly 340 different machines in our work environment, it’s an impossible task to manually assign and track PM’s. With UpKeep we can schedule regular maintenance without overlapping tasks with other critical jobs.

Paul D
Health and Safety Coordinator
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