Top 10 Benefits of Using Restaurant POS Software

If you're a restaurant owner or manager, you know the importance of workplace efficiency. Restaurant POS systems provide business owners with a range of industry-specific functions that can improve operations and other critical business elements. In this article, we'll explore the top 10 benefits of using restaurant POS software in your business.

1. Endless Menu Options

If you're a restaurant owner that loves updating your menu with custom specials and seasonal offerings, a restaurant POS system can help you quickly update your current selections. Many modern systems allow you to control your menu from an offsite computer, which means you won't have to leave your office to synchronize your new menu across multiple terminals or locations.

2. Advanced Inventory Tracking

As a restaurant owner, tracking your inventory is the best way to ensure you can offer your full menu at all times. Advanced restaurant POS systems allow you to track menu items, ingredients, and anything else you store in your kitchen. You can track inventory metrics and generate reports that will help you order the optimal amount of ingredients.

Not only does this help you save money and offer a full menu to your customers, but it also ensures your food is always fresh.

3. Restaurant Floor Management

If you own a dine-in restaurant, managing your reservations can be a difficult task during peak times. Fortunately, restaurant POS systems allow you to build a physical map of your restaurant and accept reservations via an online portal. This makes the process of managing your restaurant floor much more practical for your team of hosts.

4. Integrate Online Orders

If you're currently using an online order platform for your takeaway food service, it's critical that it can integrate into your current POS system. Many restaurant POS systems will allow you to integrate external ordering platforms, which can automate the process of accepting payments and beginning the preparation phase for online orders.

5. Manage Staff and Timesheets

In many cases, restaurant POS systems now allow you to manage your staff timesheet digitally. You can also set up 'clock in and clock out' functions that track staff hours for payment. It's an excellent way to bring your staff management under a single roof.

6. Automate Accounting Reports

If you're a veteran of the restaurant industry, you know that accounting is one of the least enjoyable components of the small business process. If you're not using integrated accounting software, you're already spending too much time crunching numbers, and too little time focusing on your restaurant.

Fortunately, many restaurant POS systems integrate with Xero, QuickBooks, and other accounting software platforms to provide automated accounting benefits. This is an excellent way to avoid the headaches associated with tax season.

7. Process a Broad Range of Payment Methods

While many POS systems now offer credit card, cash, and check payments, consumers are moving towards contactless EMV payments. If you want to offer Apple Pay, Android Pay, and other contactless payment options, a new restaurant POS system may be required. This is particularly relevant for quick-service restaurants.

8. Live Order Changes and Tracking

Outdated POS systems typically utilize ticket printing for placing orders to the kitchen. While this is a relatively effective method for communicating with your chefs, it doesn't allow you to update orders, change requests, or track the progress of the meal that's being prepared. Modern POS systems now allow you to make amendments directly from your POS portal - staff won't need to walk back to the kitchen to change customer requests or mistakes manually.

9. Receive Constant Updates (Software)

New restaurant POS systems are often updated to include new features, benefits, and integrations. If you invest in a restaurant POS, you can expect to receive constant updates throughout the lifetime of your subscription. This means that you'll benefit from modern restaurant software, regardless of when you first downloaded your system.

10. Increase Efficiency

While the first nine benefits in this article offer key advantages to restaurant owners throughout the country, there is one primary benefit associated with restaurant POS systems - efficiency.

By accessing the core benefits of a restaurant POS, you can ensure that your business runs as smoothly as possible. Key features such as floor management, timesheet management, inventory tracking, and contactless payments allow you to focus on other components of your business. They also give your staff the tools they need to avoid mistakes and increase their productivity.

Verdict: It's Time to Upgrade

If you currently own or operate a restaurant, bar, or other hospitality business, it's critical to use the best available software based on your business type. It’s also important to compare in-depth reviews of the top restaurant POS systems on the market. To find a software provider your near you, you can utilize a Point of Sale Directory to view all the national and local point of sale vendors in your city or region.

If you want to compete with other restaurants in your niche, it's essential to use modern technology to increase efficiency and customer loyalty. With many leading POS systems offering affordable price points, there's no reason not to upgrade your system for smoother operations and to increase your profits!

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