What are the most interesting statistics and facts about the true cost of downtime?

The true cost of downtime can be time-consuming and costly for businesses. Unplanned downtime is expensive, but most facilities may not be aware of exactly how much it costs their businesses. The following figures help illustrate the true cost of downtime.

Close up image of a person fixing equipment in a manufacturing facility

This story was last updated in March 2020 with more detail and examples.

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What's the difference between downtime and breakdown time?

Breakdown time is downtime that results from the equipment breaking down. Equipment downtime is any time a piece of equipment is offline.

What is Equipment Downtime? | UpKeep

Equipment downtime is any amount of time that equipment is not operating or the production process stops.

What is Availability as a Maintenance Metric?

Availability refers to the duration of time that a plant or a particular equipment is able to perform its intended task.


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