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We're verified & partnered with SAP to meet your enterprise maintenance needs, so that you can integrate ERP & CMMS processes that will help both your maintenance teams and procurement teams hit their KPIs.

Use SAP to manage your business operations, use UpKeep to manage your equipment breakdowns & maintenance, and use our integration to streamline your procurement and work orders so that you can ensure you're getting accurate data inputs and outputs. 

Benefits of Integration

With our SAP integration, you can...

  • Get the best of both ERP and CMMS

    SAP is a powerful all-in-one solution, but it's often not built for maintenance teams. UpKeep CMMS is rated the #1 leader in maintenance software and is built for technicians. Document work orders on a mobile app, schedule preventative maintenance, create work order triggers from meter thresholds, and much more with UpKeep CMMS. And have it all integrated with SAP.

  • Ensure accurate data inputs

    To get accurate data input from your technicians, having a user-friendly mobile CMMS is critical. UpKeep can give your maintenance team a user-friendly and streamlined experience for inputting work order data, tracking inventory, and all maintenance related workflows.

  • Get easy-to-read analytics

    Our SAP integration allows you to automatically track inventory changes & transactions in real-time and quickly identify any unnecessary expenses through our analytics dashboard.

  • Prevent manual entry & stay on schedule

    Your maintenance shouldn’t fall behind schedule just because of an inefficient procurement process. Our SAP integration streamlines your procurement for you, so that your teams can avoid manual entry. Automatically restock your inventory. Automatically create purchase order requests.

Features of Integration

Here are 3 core features of our integration.

  • Parts and Inventory

    With our SAP integration, you can track your inventory changes in real-time. This enables your maintenance team and your procurement team to stay aligned, so that your maintenance storeroom never runs out of stock. 

  • Purchase Orders

    UpKeep provides the tools for maintenance teams to initiate purchase order requisitions, while SAP provides the tools for procurement teams to complete the purchase orders. Our integration enables both maintenance & procurement teams to stay aligned on any purchase order activities. For example, once an order is fulfilled, UpKeep automatically restocks the inventory so there is no need for manual data entry by the procurement or maintenance teams. 

  • Work Orders

    UpKeep is integrated with SAP PM so that all your teams know what's going on at your facilities. While your facilities use UpKeep to conduct & optimize their maintenance, you can use SAP to view and keep record of all maintenance and asset activities. 

Awesome! Now what?

We're available on the SAP store! Check us here and click the "Try Free" button.

To learn more about getting the integration, please contact us at [email protected] or (323) 880-0280.

    Additional Info

    Note that this integration requires you to have...

    • SAP ECC or S4/HANA
    • UpKeep Business Plus
    • Additional SAP connector add-on

    Check out the 2-minute video below to get a quick intro to UpKeep's integration with SAP.

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