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Integrated & Centralized Data Ecosystem for World Class Asset Operations. UpKeep DataHub is an integrated and centralized data ecosystem for collecting asset data, standardizing data into common data models, and automating data-driven asset operations. DataHub helps maintenance, operations, and reliability teams increase capacity, reduce downtime, and optimize asset operations.

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Passive & Active Data-Driven Workflows | Total Asset Data Visibility | Insights & Analysis for Informed Asset Management

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Empower your Operations Team with Full Asset Data

Extract, transform, and load your asset data from anywhere into one centralized command center. UpKeep's DataHub Product is the only Data Platform purpose built for streamlining asset data

Extract Asset Data With Ease

Collect data from your business critical applications and sources simply and seamlessly.

  • Gather data from you maintenance solutions like your CMMS / EAM / APM

  • Pull production data from your MES or ERP systems

  • Or capture in real time sensor data from PLCs / Sensors

Transform Data Without Code

Transform the extracted data into common, standardized formats and have the power to fully customize your data with a simple no-code data solution.

  • Seamlessly create your own metrics dashboard to track and manage OEE and your production line

  • Continuously monitor asset health through your fully configurable asset health score

  • Measure criticality and risk of your equipment

  • And so much more

Load Asset Data Into Your Critical Systems

Load your transformed asset data into:

  • Business Intelligence (BI) Solutions to visualize your data across the entire plant

  • Data Warehouses for storage, audits, and advanced analytics

  • Other critical data endpoints


Centralize All Your Asset Data

Centralize ERP Data

Integrate your asset data with SAP, Oracle, Netsuite, and 20 other ERPs

Funnel Asset Data To BI Solutions

Send your asset data to BI Solutions like Microsoft Dynamics, Looker, Tableau, or 10 other BI Solutions integrated with UpKeep DataHub

Full Customization

Fully customize your asset data into a uniform structured format.

Measure OEE

Measure OEE across all your most important assets in a single dashboard

Asset Health Score

Customize and create your asset health score to prioritize your most critical assets

Integrate PLC Data

Integrate PLC data to track runtime hours and real time condition monitoring

4,000+ Companies rely on asset operations management

Leading the Way to a Better Future for Maintenance and Reliability

Your asset and equipment data doesn't belong in a silo. UpKeep makes it simple to see where everything stands, all in one place. That means less guesswork and more time to focus on what matters.

We’ve got your back.

With UpKeep, you get all of the tools you need to succeed. You can count on personalized support around the clock through email, live chat, or joining a webinar.

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Leading the Way to a Better Future for Maintenance and Reliability

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