How do you implement a facility renewal program?

If it’s time for you to implement a facility renewal program, the task may be a bit daunting. Once you start thinking about all the equipment, machinery, and systems in every nook and cranny of your facility, it can be hard to know where to begin. To help you get started, here is a blueprint to follow.

Prioritize the Effort

This is one of those major projects that’s going to require a great deal of resources to do right. Be sure you assign a full-time, experience facility manager to spearhead the project. You’ll need a leader managing the effort to keep it moving forward. Be sure you have buy-in from top management, other operations departments, and maintenance to participate and provided the needed support, both in terms of labor assistance and process cooperation.

Segment the Renewal Program

Whenever you’re tackling a huge effort, you want to break it down into manageable parts with specific measurable objectives and goals. In the case of facility renewal, that may mean setting goals by time period such as one-, five-, and ten-year benchmarks. Benchmarks can be tied to specific departments or major processes as well, tackling them one at a time.

Build Collaborative Effort

You can implement all sorts of great process, data, and technology changes designed to take a facility from constantly dealing with unplanned maintenance issues to a more predictive environment, but if those using and operating the system don’t buy-in, your effort will be a huge waste of money and time. Be sure to build a collaborative environment for your renewal program. Gather input, suggestions, and pain points from everyone who is coping with the antiquated system, and then provide regular updates and reports of the renewal process. Be sure to collect feedback and suggestions throughout the process as well.

Address Largest Concerns First

There’s nothing like visible improvement to fuel dedication to more improvement efforts. Be sure to focus on the major issues within your facility first so many people will benefit from the initial renewal changes. Besides generating internal support for the overall renewal effort, focusing on the largest concerns will allow your company to reap the biggest rewards and cost savings as soon as possible.

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