What are common preventative maintenance schedules and checklists for fire alarms and smoke detectors?

Common preventive maintenance for fire alarms and smoke detectors is minimal and revolves around regular testing to ensure proper function. Any problems occurring within the first five years are typically indicative of improper installation. Humidity and corrosion can cause problems with this equipment as well as changes in voltage and temperature.

smoke alarm maintenance infographic

Fire Prevention

One of the most costly and devastating events for a company or organization is a fire. According to Fireward, more than 22,000 non-dwelling building fires occurred over the course of two years. About 3,700 of those occurred because an alarm failed to sound.

Scheduling regular tests of fire alarms and smoke detectors can help ensure that your fire prevention systems are ready when needed. Conducting preventive maintenance tasks can also help make sure your alarms are in good working order.

4 Step Testing Procedure

Each organization must establish its fire alarm and smoke detection testing schedule to comply with external regulations or internal procedures. However, here are a few tips:

1. Schedule tests.

Schedule tests of smoke detectors and fire alarms at least once a month.

2. Clean alarms.

Alarms should be cleaned at least quarterly to prevent dirt and dust build-up.

3. Follow up.

Ensure that fire departments are properly receiving notifications when fire alarms sound.

4. Double Check.

Work with a professional to ensure sensors and wiring are all functioning correctly once a year.

Tip: Enter your smoke and fire detection equipment into a CMMS so you can schedule regular tests and inspections.

A Small Investment for a Big Return

As you conduct regular tests of your smoke detectors and fire alarms, you probably will not encounter major issues. It’s easy to get complacent about regular testing when things seem always in good working order. Rely on your CMMS to remind you that it’s time to test or clean your system. This small investment in preventive maintenance can save you from major losses that a fire can cause down the road.

Sample Preventive Maintenance Checklist

Here's an example of a preventive maintenance checklist for smoke detectors:

preventive maintenance checklist

More top checklists:

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