How you can integrate UpKeep with Ubidots in Zapier

It's easy to integrate Ubidots IoT platform with UpKeep CMMS! Use Zapier to link Ubidots with UpKeep.

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The Benefits of Integration

By integrating Ubidots with UpKeep, data from Ubidots connected sensors can be used to automatically trigger work orders, work order requests, purchase orders, and so much more in UpKeep CMMS. Essentially, with integration, you can turn data into action.

This means that maintenance teams and sensors can work together to achieve a smooth maintenance workflow. This results in reduced maintenance costs, reduced downtime, and better productivity.

Here's how you can integrate with UpKeep

Let's say you want to automatically create a work request for your boiler in your UpKeep account when the boiler temperature sensor reading in your Ubidots account goes above 80 degrees. Here's how you can do it in Zapier.

1. Set up an Event in Ubidots.

Let's say you already have your temperature sensor set up as a Device in your Ubidots account. Now, set up an Event in Ubidots account. In your new Event, set up a trigger such that it triggers when the temperature variable of your temperature sensor is greater than 80 degrees.

For your Event, set up an action. In this example, the trigger will send a text message to my phone number. Here, I wrote the message as "The boiler temperature is greater than [trigger value]."

For help setting up an Event in Ubidots, please click here.

2. Create a Zap in Zapier.

In your Zapier account, make a new Zap.

3. Set up Trigger.

For your Trigger, select "Ubidots" as the App and "Event is Triggered" as the Trigger Event.

To log in to your Ubidots account, you'll need to enter a Token. Find this Token in your Ubidots account in your profile under "API Credentials."

Then, select the Event you created earlier.

Finally, test your trigger. If successful, you've fully set up the trigger!

4. Set up Action.

For your Action, select "UpKeep" as the App and "Create Request" as the Action Event.

Log in to your UpKeep account with your email and password.

Customize your work request. Here, I made my own work request title as "Inspect Boiler (Temperature - Ubidots)" and selected the name of my Ubidots Event as the work request description.

Test and continue. If successful, you've set it all up! You should see a work request in your UpKeep account.

5. Turn on your Zap!

Turn on your Zap. You've successfully integrated Ubidots with UpKeep!

Awesome! What now?

There's two ways you can get an integration up and running.

  • We'll build the integration for you. We've partnered with SwingDev, a 3rd-party integration service, to build an integration for you. Contact us at [email protected] or (323) 880-0280.
  • You build the integration yourself. We have a public REST API doc to enable you to develop your own integration. This is useful if you have your own IT team or would like to use your own 3rd-party integration service. If you're building it yourself, you can use an iPaas tool (Zapier, Postman, or Workato, just to name a few) as a platform to develop your integration. Don't hesitate to contact and ask us any questions! 

For more integrations with UpKeep, check out our app marketplace!

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