Ricky Smith

4 Steps to Overcoming Common Maintenance Issues

Maintenance teams everywhere face tough challenges every day. They come to work not knowing what they will face when they arrive because of equipment reliability issues and more. I found that by executing a few new ideas, maintenance teams can make a major difference in the reliability and uptime of their equipment. My hope is that this article provides you with a few ideas to take the next step at your site.

How to Create Maintenance KPI Dashboards to Improve Performance

Competition is a great motivator. Whether you’re watching children play a board game, your favorite NFL team in the Super Bowl, or your maintenance team at your facility, everyone wants to know the score. 

Seven Attributes of a Highly Effective CMMS

Investing in a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) is no small feat for a company. While these systems are a necessity in today's wider world of maintenance, it’s hard to find the right one for your needs. This problem is exacerbated because most CMMS software hasn't proved to be effective.

What Are MRO Storeroom Best Practices?

The objective of your MRO storeroom is to manage parts and material investments used in maintenance, repairs, and operations. As such, it provides the parts and components needed to repair equipment and support business objectives. Without an effective maintenance storeroom, the results can be catastrophic.

Root Cause Analysis Techniques and Fundamentals

Root cause analysis (RCA) is a key part of a successful maintenance program. However, to conduct one correctly and effectively, it’s critical to understand the components, tools, and training required. In addition, sharing the process, the reasons behind the data collection, the changes required, and the results can help fuel a culture that values RCA processes and procedures.

Essential Tips for Optimizing Your Preventive Maintenance

The purpose of preventive maintenance is to keep equipment running and functioning to specification. If it doesn’t accomplish that, then some changes need to be made. After all, the definition of insanity is “performing preventive maintenance on equipment that continues to break down.”

Motivating Maintenance Technicians 101

Anyone who runs a business knows that success is often tied closely to the performance of employees. An entire industry has grown up around selecting, retaining, and most importantly, motivating professionals to work hard and well.
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