Life at UpKeep Episode 07: Rae Johnson, Sr. Customer Success Manager

We are excited to chat with Rae Johnson, our awesome Senior Customer Success Manager! Get to know her in this week's spotlight podcast!

Hosted By:

Caitlyn Young
Chief of Staff

Life at UpKeep!

"Life at UpKeep" is an employee spotlight blog series, where we showcase the amazing people and teams in our company doing amazing work together!

Through the eyes of our very own UpKeepers, you’ll get a glimpse into our company culture, our team’s big and small wins, how members of our team came to join and love UpKeep, and so much more! 

Meet Our Teammate!

We are excited to chat with Rae Johnson, our awesome Sr. Customer Success Manager! Rae is an absolute rockstar at what she does and continually makes a huge impact for our customers! From helping our customers navigate through the app like a pro, to giving out great advice and best practices — we are constantly impressed by Rae and her natural talent to provide guidance and support. Here is her interview with our CEO, Ryan!

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