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Greeman Asset Management Solutions Inc. focuses on helping firms to align their operations to their asset management policies and strategic plans and to derive value from their assets.

We are staffed with certified asset management assessors and professionals who not only understand the provisions of ISO 55000 family of standards, but also understand asset systems and organizational processes. This unique know how, allows us to interpret your firm’s organizational context, assess asset risks and develop solutions that are strategic enough to be appreciated and supported by top management, while also being granular enough to be implemented by frontline staff and middle management.

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Essentials of Asset Management and ISO 5500x is an online 21-hour course aimed at middle management and other professionals with responsibility for managing physical assets. Often times, organizations do not have the business processes and the asset information in place to support managing assets for value. And much value is lost because asset risks such as failure are not proactively anticipated. This course focuses on global best-in-class practices to holistically manage assets and optimize levels of service over their life cycles from acquisition to disposal. The course will position these professionals to understand asset risks and interpret organizational exposure, and make financially-optimized asset decisions to deliver asset performance through long term planning. The course is designed to be multi-disciplinary, in order to foster effective cross-functional team approach when participants return to their workplaces.

Additionally, this course has been endorsed by the World Partners in Asset Management (WPiAM) and covers content for anyone who wants to be a Certified Asset Management Assessor or other asset management related certifications.

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