San Diego, California

Adam Fischbach is a pro at combining things. He loves his dog, Sydney, and he loves paragliding. Paragliding has allowed Adam to travel all over the world, participating in competitions and opening up different opportunities. But it would all be nothing without his best friend – so why not bring her along?

Adam grew up in San Diego, leaving only for a few years to go to college. He returned and became indispensable at the family business started by his dad, Beachfront Only. It’s his responsibility to combine the internal departments – improving the ways they can access each other and the different information that they need, streamlining workflows, and making things easier for everyone. 

Adam Fischbach, thank you for everything you do. Your high-level thinking has changed the lives of your peers for the better.

How did you get started in maintenance?

I went to California Polytechnic Institute San Luis Obispo for construction management and then came back to San Diego to work for the family business. I started in the Marketing department, but am now the CTO. Marketing allowed me to get involved with the website and the inner business communications, but it was really the technology side that got me super interested in being a big part of the company.

What is one of your proudest achievements?

I love being able to bring in a technology that helps the whole team and all the employees with their day to day life. There’s always a transition period where we’re not doing the old thing anymore, and new things are difficult to learn at first. When everyone comes out on the other side, though, things get easier, people are saving time and things are getting done better. I’m proud to be able to introduce a lot of those things to everyone I work with and it’s a really enjoyable work environment to come into every day.

What is one thing you wish people knew about your job?

It is all more complicated than you think. There are so many moving pieces between Maintenance, Accounting, Operations, Housekeeping, etc. Some of the different players will have timelines that overlap with each other and a lot depends on who got what done and when. That’s why it’s so important to have a strong communication system internally to coordinate everyone in the right way and at the right time. Combining Maintenance with Operations, trying to interface it with Accounting, and adding technology on top of that is very challenging and not easy by any means.

Thank you, Adam!