Asset Performance Management (APM)

What is an Asset Performance Management (APM) system?

Answered September 11 2019

Asset performance management (APM) systems are an array of tools that strive to both improve equipment availability and reliability, while limiting risk and cost. In theory, this is what every APM solution offers industries, such as most industrial organizations and maintenance companies. In practice, it depends on what system you choose and what you need to use it for in the long run.

Let’s take a look at how APM systems work in general terms and what makes a good APM system great for  industrial maintenancepreventative maintenance, and the maintenance industry in general.

How Asset Performance Management Systems Work

Data has always been a huge part of improving equipment. APM systems chiefly work by analyzing this data through a complicated set of filters. The end result tells the user where improvements should be made and what’s available at any given point in time.

This varies across the different asset performance management systems that are available today. An APM that is designed for the industrial maintenance industry will have different data filters than a preventive maintenance APM system. In comparison, a city’s APM system will look dramatically different than one in other industries.

What’s the Difference Between an APM and a CMMS?

apm vs. cmms, upkeep While a CMMS manages maintenance to ultimately extend physical asset lifespan, an EAM tracks the entire lifespan of all organizational assets. In comparison, an APM increases availability and reduces risks through tracking performance of operational assets.

A CMMS  (Computerized Maintenance Management System) may seem to be almost the same thing as an APM system. They are both software systems that store information and data about maintenance.

However, the main difference between the two is that CMMS software and platforms actively extend the lifespan of physical assets in your company. APM systems track, manage, and analyze the performance of your operational assets to decrease risk and increase productivity.

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The benefits of asset performance management (APM) systems

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