How do I achieve world-class planned maintenance percentage (PMP)?

Facility Management

Achieving world-class PMP requires reducing your need for reactive maintenance and improving your team’s ability to prevent equipment breakdowns.

Note: The world-class standard for planned maintenance percentage (PMP) is 85% - meaning that out of all your maintenance hours, 85% of them should be planned, with only 15% being reactive.

Gain more asset insight with a CMMS

One place to start getting ahead of equipment breakdowns is by using a CMMS to gain insight into your equipment. With a CMMS, you can log maintenance hours and track tasks performed on individual pieces of equipment, allowing you to see what kind of work has been done on any given asset.

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For example, if you’re running a warehouse and see that many of your maintenance hours are put into performing repairs on your forklifts, it’s likely a sign that your forklifts need more preventive work to head off breakdowns. As such, better monitoring and preventive maintenance on your forklifts should help you bring your planned maintenance percentage up.

Improve schedule compliance

If you are already regularly planning preventive maintenance tasks but still seeing frequent breakdowns, the issue may be schedule compliance. After all, if your maintenance team isn’t completing preventive tasks on time, breakdowns are still going to be likely.

There are a number of ways to improve schedule compliance, and they typically involve streamlining your process. The following items might help:

  • Take individual skills and training into account when assigning maintenance tasks
  • Assign appropriate workloads
  • Eliminate obstacles to completing work in a timely manner
  • Coordinate with operations crews to facilitate planned maintenance

By streamlining your work processes and helping your maintenance crew keep on top of preventive tasks, you should start to see fewer breakdowns and an improved PMP.

Implement condition monitoring

One last strategy takes your maintenance management a step further. This strategy involves condition monitoring and predictive maintenance.

By using various sensors, you can monitor key pieces of equipment to determine the best time to perform preventive maintenance tasks. On top of that, it can help eliminate unnecessary PMs, thereby helping you further improve schedule compliance. The end result should be a much more streamlined and effective maintenance process that will be reflected in an improved PMP.

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