What are some examples of how CMMS software is used in different industries?

CMMS software might seem like it only has a home in industrial and manufacturing environments, but at a baseline level it is a tool for planning, scheduling, and tracking maintenance work, which happens in nearly every industry.


In the restaurant industry, maintenance is not just a way of making sure stoves and grills work properly - it is a direct line to making sure the restaurant produces safe food at the right speed for its customers.

This makes CMMS software a useful tool for restaurant tasks like managing work orders on vital kitchen equipment like stoves, dishwashers, and sinks, as well as managing maintenance requests across the entirety of a chain of restaurants. CMMS software helps restaurant managers track the scheduling of their staff, track expenses from food suppliers, and prioritize which tasks are necessary during a lunch or dinner rush.

Even big conglomerates like McDonald's use CMMS software for their restaurant planning needs.


Farming is a particularly seasonal job, which means staying on top of maintenance, repairs, and scheduled tasks is incredibly important for making an abundant, successful harvest.

CMMS software can help farmers track off-season maintenance for assets like tractors, plows, and tills so that they're always ready (whether they're harvesting or planting). They can keep track of vital stock like seed quantity and fertilizer, repurchasing things automatically as they run out, and access all of this information out in their fields via mobile apps.

We can see this being useful in this example from the USDA.


Data is often seen as the main product of CMMS software, and the healthcare industry sees an absolutely massive amount of data. This means that the data-storage and gathering capabilities of a CMMS can be immensely useful for a hospital or other medical facility.

For example, CMMS software can track vital equipment data like the number of available wheelchairs for use in a retirement community or how many specialized hospital beds are currently occupied by patients. On the other hand, CMMS software helps control vital environmental data like temperature fluctuations in rooms with patients sensitive to heat or cold.

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