Maintenance Regulations for Maintenance Teams


The federal government enforces regulations to keep employees and consumers safe, and to ensure asset-heavy organizations pay proper taxes without losing too much money up front. FDA and OSHA regulations are related to safety while IRS regulations are related to deductions and depreciation on capital assets.

On the pages linked to below, we summarize the information contained within various federal regulations that are most important to asset managers and maintenance teams.

FDA Maintenance Regulations

FDA inspections are typically conducted by reviewing systems which correspond to the Subparts that are applicable to the type of product/facility being audited. In the case of maintenance, Subparts for Buildings and Facilities and Equipment are of the main concern.

OSHA Maintenance Regulations

Maintenance workers are among the many workers that are exposed to workplace hazards on a daily basis. OSHA aims to protect them by providing access to information for vulnerable workers in high-risk jobs.

IRS Maintenance Regulations

There are specific deductible and capital improvement costs that are directly related to maintenance operations and the IRS provides information about how it allows businesses to recover those costs.

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