How do you hire and interview maintenance technicians?

If you’re in the market for maintenance technicians, you’ll want to find individuals who have a combination of technical skills, a desire to learn and grow, basic business knowledge, and the ability to work on a team.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of available jobs in the maintenance field is expected to grow 6 percent between 2014 and 2024. In addition, more skilled workers are likely to retire than enter the profession, and technological developments will increase the demand for maintenance technicians well-versed in those new tools.

All those factors mean you’ll have some competition on your hands for the best maintenance technicians.

Develop Feeder Channels

The best way to attract top talent is to develop a reputation as an excellent, caring employer in your local community. Encourage your employees to participate in civic, community, and educational organizations, always keeping an eye out for opportunities to attract future employees.

For example, you may want to establish a presence at your local technical college or with your local high schools. Offer mentorship programs, apprenticeship opportunities, and open houses so that young people are introduced to the growing opportunities at your company.

Promote From Within

If you can snag high school students or recent graduates and begin to invest in the younger generation, make it a point to reward and promote from within. If you find technicians with lots of potential, be sure to develop a good relationship with them so you can retain that talent and take advantage of the training investment you’ve already made.

Possible Interview Questions

For those times when you must hire from outside your organization, here are some possible interview questions and the types of answers you may be seeking.

  1. Tell me about the equipment and systems you’ve worked on in past jobs. By asking this question, you can get a quick glance at the level of experience as well as the variety that the candidate would bring to your organization. Obviously, if the individual has worked on similar machinery, that can be a plus. However, if the candidate has worked on many different types of systems, that may show an ability to learn quickly and adapt easily.
  2. If multiple equipment breaks down the same day, how would you prioritize the repairs? This question helps you assess critical thinking, problem solving, and time management skills.
  3. Share an example of conflict with other technicians and how you resolved it. Ask questions that reveal how the candidate works with others.

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