How can you achieve world class manufacturing reliability?

World-class reliability is not only a laudable goal, it delivers hard core benefits to every business. World-class manufacturing facilities successfully stay ahead of breakdowns, achieve higher asset utilization, reduce maintenance costs on an ongoing basis, increase safety statistics, and ultimately, make more money.

So how do you get to that best-of-the-best status? Here are four critical steps to help you achieve world-class reliability:

Results-Focused, Committed Leadership

Manufacturing facilities that have maintenance directors focused on world-class reliability results on a daily basis are moving in the right direction. In addition, you want consistency and longevity in your executive team. Achieving this level of reliability is a long-term project, and you need long-term leadership.

The other key in this area is visibility and transparency. Maintenance leadership should have daily communication with maintenance managers, and ideally, performance goals and progress should be visible to the entire maintenance team. This builds a team environment, helping everyone see how they are contributing to the big picture.

Reliability Culture

The first feeds into the second. Every member of the team must be focused on reliability as the ultimate goal. By aligning day-to-day responsibilities with world-class reliability, everyone moves in the same direction. Keep lines of communication open with every level of your team, solicit feedback, and implement good ideas.

Physical Roadmap

Once the direction has been set for world-class reliability, be sure you put together a clear, visual roadmap for each member of the team to reference. This roadmap should outline both short-term and long-term goals so that everyone knows where they are heading. As time rolls on, progress should be reported and communicated so the team can see how the journey is going and what must be improved upon in its continuation.

Advanced Technology

Amazing technological advancements are available today. To achieve world-class reliability, you have to be one of the forerunners in implementing Internet of Things tools such as sensors and geolocation. In additional, data from and usage of CMMS must continue to be refined so that the journey continues toward preventive and predictive maintenance.

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