Integrate Azuga with UpKeep

You can now easily integrate Azuga with UpKeep! By integrating UpKeep’s world-class maintenance management software with Azuga's fleet management & GPS tracking platform, your company can implement condition-based maintenance to ensure your fleet is operating at optimal health. 

The Benefits of Integration

With the combined power of UpKeep and Azuga, you can ensure your fleet is always up and running. Vehicle diagnostics, locations, and geofences from Azuga can be used to automatically trigger work orders, work order requests, and so much more in UpKeep CMMS. To dive into the details of integration, you can...

  • Sync a vehicle's location in real time, so that you know exactly where your vehicle is and assign work orders to the right people.
  • Get faults in vehicle diagnostics to automatically trigger work orders, so that no fault codes get unchecked.
  • Sync odometer readings with meters in UpKeep, so that you can perform recurring mileage-based inspections.

Our customers have reported increased asset uptime and bigger savings by integrating fleet management & tracking solutions with UpKeep.

About Azuga

With Azuga, you can combine traditional GPS fleet tracking with driver visibility, gamification and rewards that focus on offering driver-centric benefits to improve safety and ROI. Get the full picture of what's really happening on the road - not just location but driver behavior, speeding, idling, stops, hard braking, vehicle health and diagnostics, and risky events where and when they happen, by the minute plus an array of features only Azuga delivers. 

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Awesome! What now?

You can get started now with our no-cost integration, built by Azuga!

To learn more, please contact us at [email protected] or (323) 880-0280. If you're a current customer of both UpKeep and Azuga, please contact Azuga's Customer Success team to request activation of the no-cost integration. 



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