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MIII Recap: How Maintenance Will Support Our Transition to Renewable Energy

Welcome to the UpKeep Blog, a place for those with new ideas in maintenance.

Sigan Industries: Making a Difference by Producing Hand Sanitizer on the Frontlines

During the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare and beauty product manufacturer, Sigan America, stepped up to produce thousands of hand sanitizer bottles.

Helpful Resource Release - Podcasts

Here's a list of maintenance and reliability podcasts you can listen to while getting ready for the day ahead! Check out the list and listen to one today!

Helpful Resource Release - Free and Live Webinars Hosted in April

A list of free and live webinars offered by various maintenance and reliability organizations to get you through staying indoors during COVID-19.

The Essential Frontline Workers of the Coronavirus Pandemic

Here is a list we created of essential frontline workers that are facing the coronavirus pandemic head-on. Check it out today!

Machine Downtime by the Numbers: What Maintenance Teams Need to Know

We summarize the total costs and effects of machine downtime and how your maintenance team can get proactive to reduce downtime and stay one step ahead.

5 Tips on How to Stay Productive If Your Plant Production is Paused

Five industry specialists share their recommendations on improving productivity for facility and maintenance workers who are out of work due to COVID-19.

MTBF, MTTR, MTTF: The Difference, and a Guide to Failure Codes and Metrics

MTBF, MTTR, MTTF - The difference and a full guide into using failure codes and metrics to improve reliability

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